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Feel the sweet explosion of Fresh Orange Ice cream, the fabulous Flavour Of The Month.


If you want to #SavourANewFlavour, we’ re giving you three! Fresh Orange, Blue Ocean & Anjeer Badam!


Taste the flavour of the finest Oranges from Nagpur in Fresh Orange Ice cream, our amazing Flavour Of The Month!


Fresh from Nagpur, fresh like the real fruit. Fresh Orange is our fresh new Flavour Of The Month!

Have you tried our grand Flavour Of The Month, Blue Ocean Ice cream?

Drown into the perfect blend of luscious cranberry & blackcurrant with a dash of berry crush in Blue Ocean, our newest Flavour Of The Month!

Berries Red & Blue reunite to give you Blue Ocean! Our new Flavour Of The Month.

Taste the royalty in every bite of Anjeer Badam, our new Flavour Of The Month.

Presenting our latest Flavour Of The Month – rich Anjeer Badam!

Dry fruits Anjeer & Badam join hands to give you the royal Flavour Of The Month, Anjeer Badam Ice Cream!