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Root Vegetable Curry

Alkaline Diet Recipe Alkaline Root Vegetable Curry - Vegetable curries in general are one of my favourite dishes, as they are generally very healthy and alkaline at the same time.

alkaline herbal tea

Kimberly Snyder’s image on WhoSay - Tip: Nix the Caffeine.Too much caffeine can overload the liver and slow down it's ability to efficiently burn fat and cleanse toxins from our system. Try caffeine-free rooibos and herbal teas.

ph test cheat sheet

ph test cheat sheet for home testing. Days of testing can improve your health

Mixed Vegetables with Sesame Seeds

Alkaline Recipe Mixed Vegetables with Sesame Seeds - This is a dish which is not only delicious, healthy and nutritious, but also alkaline at the same time. The added sesame seeds give this dish a lovely texture and crunchiness.

Alkaline Breakfast Recipe Guide

Alkaline Breakfast Recipe Guide: When you first start to live the alkaline diet and you go through your list of alkaline foods to work out what to eat, one of the first questions that you will ask is