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Waffle Iron Panini Recipe

meatball calzone made in your waffle iron :: tasty tuesday via @Candice {thenewmodernmomma} #recipe

Cake & Ice Cream Sandwich...using a waffle iron

Easy Biscuit Waffles

Pinterest sucess! This was easy, quick, and delicious. I used the Pillsbury Grand Jr biscuits and I rolled them out a little. They came out beautiful golden brown and hot. Cook canned biscuits in the waffle iron...how easy is that!!!

Waffle Iron Brownies Recipe @Erica Cerulo Byers calls for 1/2 cup butter

Chocolate Waffle Iron Cookies

Chocolate Waffle Iron Cookies.... i know i've put a lot of iron recipes on but they all look so good!

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Cinnamon Roll Waffles: Can't find the recipe, but there's really not one. You can use this recipe to make your own, or do it the easy way by taking Pillsbury or some other already made refrigerated cinnamon rolls and just plop them into the waffle iron. You can either drizzle with the icing (probably the best) or syrup.

Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies -- these were fun to make. took only 1 min. in the waffle iron (mine only holds two). Followed the recipe exactly and scooped dough with standard ice cream scoop. It only made 15 cookies (and I didn't even eat the dough). So next time I will double. -- Definitely will be a next time!

Red Velvet Waffles

Red Velvet Waffles from Food.com: saw wolfgang puck making these and boy did they look good . so i went out and found the recipe lol. these are sweet and really good with cherry pie filling and cool whip

Naan bread

Garlic Naan Making this now, gonna cook the using a waffle iron. i put some crushed garlic in the dough and gonna top with a garlic basil butter i threw together