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Tounge Cancer metastasises to the neighbouring lymph nodes of the neck in no time. A large percentage of patients usually have positive lymph node metastases when they go to a doctor for initial consultation.

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Tumors of the kidney account for approximately 2 per cent of cancer deaths; the frequency of such tumors is twice in males than that in females.

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Lungs are a part of the respiratory system which enables us to breathe. The right lung has three sections or lobes while the left lung cancer treatmenthas two. Cancer of lungs is the commonest form of cancer in the Western countries. Cancer of lungs is closely associated with smoking;This is one of the few can­cers in which the cause is known in majority of cases and is preventable to a certain extent.

Bone tumor is generally seen in older children and young adults. The bones that are commonly involved are those of the forearm, leg, pelvis and chest wall. Pain may not be an important feature but sooner or later a swelling and diffi­culty in using the arm or leg occurs. Pain and swelling in a bone are also features of inflammation (known as osteomy­elitis); hence, the presence of these complaints by a child should be brought to the notice of a doctor and a definite diagnosis established.

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The prostate contributes a part of semen—the fluid of male procreative activity. Some of the functions of prostate are known, but there are a few others which are still not clear. Because of its location, the prostate gland cannot be directly felt but is examined by passing a finger through the rectum; or else an endoscope (urethroscope) is passed through the urethra. The normal prostate feels soft to firm in consis­tency.

Leukemia is the commonest form of childhood cancer. Although leukemia occurs commonly in children and young adults, it affects people above the age group of 50 years too.

Neuroblastoma is one of the most common abdominal tumors in children. It originates in the neural crest cells of the adrenal glands or the parasympathetic chain (para-vertebral). It usually occurs in the abdomen, thorax or pelvis. Common manifestations include fever, limb pains, abdominal mass, proptosis (bulging of eyes) and skull deposits.

The patient usually complains of a dull, nagging, persistent pain in the lower part of the right side of abdomen. The tumor usually bleeds in the lumen of the intestine; this blood mixes with the faecal matter and the patients usually com­plain of dark coloured stools. The loss of blood leads to anemia and the patient complains of pallor, easy fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, loss of colon cancerweight, etc.

Large intestine cancer (colon, rectum and anus) is a common form of cancer of gastro-intestinal tract, though in India, it is less common than in the West.

Patients of stomach cancer remain unaware of its presence for long unless the stomach wall and the surrounding struc­tures are involved or there is widespread metastasis. Late detection of the disease therefore explains the reason for poor prognosis.