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Following started with the purpose to share useful health tips, latest health news. So that we can keep our self healthy in today's fast life
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How to Boost Immune System

There is no official way of controlling measles due to your body’s immune system fighting off the infection within a few weeks.

Laughter truly is the best medicine. ♥

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was on to something. A fit of hysterics may, in fact, have a ton of health benefits! Start here, with our hilarious infographic. So now I can say I& not laughing at you, I& working on my health plan.

Tired Of Blemishes? Eat These 6 Foods For Clear Skin!

Pimples are very common problem for both men and women.Natural Remedies is the best way to treat pimples.Checkout the Causes and Home Remedies for Pimples.

Avoid 7 habits to Keep Your Heart Healthy

If you can occasionally feel your heart racing or missing a beat for no reason, you could be experiencing menopause heart palpitations another common symptom of .