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Penguin Small World Play on the Light Table

Penguin Small World Play on the Light Table. The sensory tray from Reflections sits within the rim of the lightbox. If water is used, the lightbox should be enclosed in a clear leaf bag, for safety. www.reflectionsli...

Popsicle Stick Dolls - that Ice-Skate!

Popsicle Stick Dolls – that Ice-Skate! - a fun and fab new twist on craft stick dolls |

Winter Counting with Snowflakes and Ice Skates

Make a homemade ice skating rink for your kids' toys, and keep them entertained for hours on a long winter afternoon! |

Arctic play, sorry not sure who to thank for this idea. Fill the big tray with blue tinted water, sit a bowl or tub in the middle, weighted down if need be. Place outside or in freezer (whichever is colder). Add your animals and water in the middle, add some ice cubes to float about in the middle.

All Natural Christmas Sensory Bin

Christmas Sensory Bin using Natural Ingredients. Nature Play. Hands on learning. Pinned by Learning and Exploring Through Play.