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Going into more detail of homelessness in Nottingham itself, a true case that happened in late 2013. This pin proves how people can become homeless not just due to their own faults but because support center's could be shut down or because they are being offered too less by the council for example money, shared homes and funds. This also tells us a little about how a victims life changed by this precise center that took him in and how it helps everyone. He argues it should remain open.


I have added this pin to indicate that not only do elders suffer but children can be suffering from homelessness. There is no age for being homeless and no gender. Every individual has a different life story whether that be a happy life or a disaster. Children can also be victims. This link is a helpline which allows children to seek support whenever they need too for many reasons including homelessness.


This pin is an example of a British citizen that had suffered from homelessness for 20 years, and how his life changed gaining help from a charity organisation like many others across the nation.


This pin is an example of how homelessness charity's come together and help those in need.


This is a pin showing their are charity organisations that can help those in Homelessness across the East Midlands.

As I have mentioned before how the Government can help those in homelessness, I have done further research and looked into how Nottingham City Council can help. This pin is showing that there are ways to get help if you contact the City Council. They can help you in majority of the homelessness situations, guiding you to strategy's that will benefit you. In addition this information is up to date from year 2013-2018.

This pin indicates that United Kingdom citizens who are facing homelessness are entitled to government funding to help them with their basic needs. They are eligible to various funds such as housing benefits.

How Homelessness Works

This pin is giving an insight on how and why people end up homeless. At the end of the link it also tells us a true story of how a person suffered from homelessness.

This pin is a introduction on homelessness explaining what it is and how many people are facing this crisis in the United Kingdom.