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Refused life insurance because of her weight Lucy Rintoul is now 161 pounds lighter and ready to take on the world...

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I've got a new calling in life - Success stories - Slimming World - she is now a Foster Carer...something which I would love to do! Follow my 32st weight loss journey via my daily blog - - where you will also find all of my social media links! x

Yummy mommy Becky Novis is looking and feeling fabulous following the birth of her son. Thanks to Food Optimising she’s lost a sensational 20lbs. *Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

Read Kelly Cavanaugh's Plexus Story! WOW! "I'm Kelly Cavanaugh and I've been enjoying Plexus Slim for a year now. It has totally helped change my entire mindset towards eating and food. I have lost 30 pounds with Plexus Slim! I am 5'5" and started out 151 pounds and I now weigh 121! I have maintained this low weight for many months. What Can Plexus Do For You? The same things it's doing for us:

Mom-of-five Charmaine Coates lost a breath-taking 135lb to reach her target #weight. She reveals how #cycling, in tandem with Food Optimising, helped take her weight-loss campaign up a gear. *Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

Tracy Heighway spent decades battling hormone problems that caused her to gain weight. Six years ago she decided enough was enough and joined Slimming World to help her with her weight loss. The mom-of-one lost an incredible 92lbs and has maintained her target for the past 5 years. *Slimming World members lose an average of 1-2lbs a week.

Turning 50, Caroline Waters felt she’d lost her oomph – weight had crept on and she did little exercise. Now she’s 40lbs lighter, feels the best she has in years and is on the move with her dog, Benji

Natasha Bunby from the UK started gaining weight in her teens, while grieving for a friend and dealing with multiple sclerosis. Today, she’s lost 168 pounds and hopes her journey inspires others to do the same.