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Ceramica 1800mm Double Ended Square Bath with 10 Jet Whirlpool

Ceramica Double Ended Square Bath with 10 Jet Whirlpool

Auralum Bathroom Mixer Shower Set with Square 8" Shower H... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B012XOEW9A/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_x_5OPCybFQZYXQ0

december 2016 3 auralum bathroom mixer shower set with square 8 shower head and handheld shower holder

Metro Thermostatic shower mixer set image 1

This elegant shower kit incorporates a dual head and rail system to give you the perfect flow of water, as well as a thermostatic valve to ensure the water temperature is always exactly as you want it.

Trojan Algarve 23 Jet Whirlpool Bath 1700 x 750This luxurious deep soaking double ended 1700 x 750 bath will look good in bathroom.We have included 11 large chrome whirlpool jets to the bath to give you a deep body massage, 12 spa jets pour thousands of tiny bubbles from the base.Bath & Package Specification1700 x 750 x 545 (Height) 5 MM White AcrylicPowerful 0.75 HP Self draining pump11 Powerful Chrome Body Jets12 Jet Air Spa System with Chrome JetsOn/Off Control WhirlpoolOn/Off Control Spa

Trojan Algarve Double ended whirlpool spa bath 1700 x 11 Whirlpool Jets, 12 Spa Jets, Chrome Controls, Full Warranty, Free Delivery Available