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My veggie pasties Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes Mushroom Recipes, Vegetable Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Vegetarian Cooking, Jamie Oliver, Vegetarian Pasties, Olivers Vegetables, Arrows

My veggie pasties | Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes

A beautiful vegetarian pasty recipe from Jamie Oliver. These pasties are stuffed with mushrooms, swede, potatoes and baked to crispy perfection. So good!

Epic lamb kebabs Gnarly lamb, homemade chips, slaw and warm flatbreads – this lamb kebab recipe from Jamie Oliver is truly epic! As seen on Friday Night Feast. Jamie Oliver, Kebab Recipes, Lamb Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Roast Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Fruit Kebabs, Lamb Kebabs, Kabobs

Epic lamb kebabs with chips & salad | Jamie Oliver recipes

Cook the lamb until it's gnarly and almost burnt-looking, but still blushing inside – it's the contrast that's the thing of beauty. Hugged in a flatbread, topped with super-fresh sunshine salad, humble chips and a dollop of yoghurt – fantastic!

Falafel is originally from Egypt. It's an Egyptian street food. Chipotle Kidney Bean Falafel with Basil Garlic Pita and Black Olive Hummus Bean Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Seitan, Adzuki Bean Recipe, Entree Vegan, Recipes With Kidney Beans, Hummus And Pita, Falafel Pita

Not your average falafel | seitan is my motor

Here falafel is a fast food. Usually you go out, order it and after ten minutes, you’ve got it in your belly.…

Jamie and Claudia tackle this delicious Indian dish on Friday Night Feast. Teamed with an onion pickle mint yoghurt and easy naan it's a winner! Butter Chicken Rezept, Friday Night Feast, Friday Night Dinners, Claudia Winkleman, Fresh Coriander, Indian Dishes, Naan, Cooking Recipes, Meal Recipes

Claudia Winkleman's butter chicken

Claudia’s family are obsessed with butter chicken, so I tracked down the grandson of the chef who invented the dish to find out how to make the original. It’s fragrant and layered with a good back note of heat that’s not too spicy so great for the whole family. An absolute winner!

This is a brilliant recipe for homemade vegan and veggie burgers from Jamie Oliver; served with a spiced vegan mayo and crispy onion rings – it's delicious! Jamie Oliver, Vegan Pie, Vegan Vegetarian, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegan Recipes Easy, Pie Recipes, Recipies, Tacos Vegan, Butternut Squash

Moroccan m'hanncha vegan pie recipe | Jamie Oliver recipes

I love the Moroccan m’hanncha (snake). It’s a wonderful way to wrap up gorgeous smashed veg and grains to make a beautiful-looking dinner, while also adding amazing texture – crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle. Yum.

This raw chocolate cake recipe is like a grown-up version of a regular chocolate cake. Made from pecan nuts, toffee-like medjool dates, honey, cacao, and topped off with chocolate icing. Raw Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Recipes, Chocolate Smoothies, Chocolate Shakeology, Chocolate Drizzle, Chocolate Roulade, Chocolate Crinkles, Healthy Chocolate, Chocolate Pudding

Raw chocolate cake recipe | Jamie magazine recipes

This cake is pure indulgence. If you can get your hands on some bee pollen, I highly recommend it for its intense burst of honey flavours and satisfying crunch.

Saoirse Ronan’s General Tso’s chicken Jamie Oliver & Jimmy Friday Night Feast Chinese Chicken Dishes, Friday Night Feast, Asian Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, Chinese Recipes, Weekly Recipes, Duck Recipes, Dried Chillies, Tso Chicken

Saoirse Ronan’s General Tso’s chicken

Forget a greasy takeaway, this homemade Chinese chicken dish will blow your mind. To make your chicken as crispy as possible, use my two-pan ‘bounce cooking’ technique.

A beautiful vegetarian parsnip soup recipe from Jamie Oliver. This soup is packed with sweet parsnips, warm spices and topped with crispy parsnip chips. Garam Masala, Parsnip Soup, Healthy Soup Recipes, Vegetable Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Delicious Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Olivers Vegetables, Vegetarian

Spiced parsnip soup | Jamie Oliver vegetable recipes

There’s something wonderfully comforting about a nice bowl of soup. I’ve served this one with some quick, funky parsnip crisps, garam masala and a swirl of yoghurt and chilli oil. Delicious.

heavenly elderflower and what to do with it – including how to make elderflower cordial step by step. Jamie Oliver, Elderflower Cordial, Elderflower Ideas, Cordial Recipe, Tempura Batter, Home Detox, Lemon Sorbet, Edible Gifts, Fun Drinks

How to make elderflower cordial | Features | Jamie Oliver

Everything you'll ever need to know about the heavenly elderflower and what to do with it – including how to make elderflower cordial step by step.

Ribs are a bit of a time investment, but the rewards are so worth it. Perfect for making at the weekend, these barbecued British ribs from Jamie Oliver sound delicious. You don't even need to fire up the barbecue! Best Bbq Recipes, Rib Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Potato Recipes, Savoury Recipes, Salad Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Favorite Recipes, Jamie Oliver

BBQ British ribs with potato salad | Jamie Oliver recipes

Cooked low and slow, ribs are a time investment, but if you want out-of-this-world flavour, you can’t rush these things! My secret weapon is to smoke them for the last 30 minutes, kissing the meat with incredible depth and smokiness.

Jamie Oliver cooked up this fiery chicken curry for Mel B when she joined him at the pier for Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast. With rice and peas, fried plantain and slaw, this is a real taste of the Caribbean. Mel B’s Jamaican chicken Jamie Oliver, Jamaican Chicken, Chicken Curry, Caribbean Chicken, Caribbean Food, Caribbean Recipes, Jamaican Curry Powder, Friday Night Feast, Ripe Plantain

Mel B’s Jamaican chicken curry | Jamie Oliver recipes

Spice up your life with this full-flavoured curry with an amazing combination of spices for the perfect balance of sweetness and heat.

An aromatic, flavour-packed Thai green curry recipe, as seen on Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast with Greg Davies.An aromatic, flavour-packed Thai green curry recipe Greg Davies, Thai Green Chicken Curry, Thai Green Curry Recipes, Chicken Thigh Recipes, Best Chicken Recipes, Jamie Oliver, Best Curry, Homemade Curry, Food Processor Recipes

Greg Davies' Thai green chicken curry | Jamie Oliver recipes

Greg has always been fond of Thai cuisine, but found a real love for it after gigging there, especially for Thai green curry. Now, the base of any good curry is the paste, so it’s worth the effort to hunt out all the ingredients. Just remember, a little goes a long way, so make a big batch and freeze it in portions for future use.

Sally & Brenda’s spectacular fudgy chocolate pudding Köstliche Desserts, Chocolate Desserts, Delicious Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Yummy Recipes, Cake Recipes, Chocolate Butter, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Fudge

Sally & Brenda’s spectacular fudgy chocolate pudding

Our mums know best when it comes to an old-school chocolate pud. This one is rich and unctuous and absolutely delicious.

Make your own Scotch eggs with this amazing recipe from Jamie Oliver's Friday Night Feast. Perfect with pickles – for weekend nibbles or picnics. Friday Night Feast, Scotch Eggs Recipe, Scarlett Moffatt, A Food, Good Food, Yummy Food, Runny Eggs, Chocolate Spread, Chocolate Chips

Scarlett Moffatt's Scotch eggs recipe | Jamie Oliver recipes

Transform any buffet or picnic into something extra-special with these beauties – golden and perfectly crisp on the outside, juicy and flavour packed on the inside, plus that all-important runny egg yolk. There are no words. Scarlett told me she likes to dip Scotch eggs in chocolate spread, but I’m not sure I’d endorse that!

Almond & honey dairy-free ice cream with splash of ammereto Dairy Free Vanilla Ice Cream, Vegan Ice Cream, Lactose Free Milk, Lactose Free Recipes, Block Party Desserts, Dessert Recipes, Healthy Desserts, Healthy Food, Ice Cream Desserts

Almond & honey dairy-free ice cream | Dessert recipes | Jamie magazine

A brilliantly easy and super-tasty dairy- and gluten-free ice cream.

Smoky Veggie Feijoada Black Beans, Squash, Peppers and Okra (Jamie Oliver Super Foods) Vegetable Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Healthy Recipes, 5 A Day Recipes, Bread Recipes, Holiday Recipes, Cooking Tips, Black Bean Stew

Smoky feijoada | Vegetable recipes | Jamie Oliver

Super-protein-packed black beans are a great base to this veggie version of the classic Brazilian dish, and with all the veg we get loads of fibre and four of our 5-a-day too!