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$6.40-$3.10 Peter's Pinecones are a great toy for your pet rabbit; pine cones are natures prefect chew toy for rabbits.

Marshall Peter's Pine Cone Chews are specially dried and sap-free making then nature's perfect chew toy. The Pine Cones help to satisfy your bunnies urge to chew while also wearing down bunny's continually growth teeth.

Rabbits are really social animals and would love to interact with you and some toys - you just need to know how to play with your rabbits!

Rabbits are fiercely independent animals, combine that with extreme prey animal instincts that tell them to run & hide and it’s easy to see why many people think rabbits make stand-offish…

DIY stick monster rabbit toy

This is a fun and easy toy that will keep your rabbit/chinchilla/guinea pig occupied for hours! Grab an old toilet paper roll and poke holes all over it. Grab your pet's favorite flavored chew sticks and place them randomly around the roll.