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An explanation for the popularity of Roses and Castles painting amongst the canal families was the intensity of colour which brightened even small boat cabins.

Mr Punch, Fred Tickner, 1975 © V&A Images Mr Punch from the Happy Birthday Mr Punch! exhibition at V&A Museum of Childhood 14 July - 9 December

Mr Punch's 350 years of puppet anarchy

Folk art toleware... Antique Toleware Tray Vintage Bargeware Lavish Roses by keepsies, £15.00

Antique Toleware Tray, Vintage Bargeware Lavish Roses Handpainted on Silent Butler Crumb Catcher/Ash Can Lidded Tin Tray

Carved wood set of 8, Germany.  18" high.  These came with a provenance (see the 1934 birthday party clipping) dating them at 1890.  The group includes the basic characters:  Punch, Judy, the Ghost, the Devil, Jack Ketch, Jim Crow, the Constable,  and another figure.(?)  Though the Devil and the Ghost were not in common use in the actual puppet shows by this time, toymakers could hardly resist including two such appealing and scary subjects.

Carved wood set of Germany, came with a provenance dating them at

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