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How to Make Pom Pom Sheep
These pom pom sheep are SO CUTE and they're really simple to make! It's so easy to make DIY pom poms from yarn just by using your hands! This is such a fun kids craft for spring, or even Easter! I love that it uses such simple craft supplies. Pom pom crafts are the best!
an angel figurine holding a baby duck in its arms and surrounded by flowers
a little bunny with glasses holding an apple
a little pig in a pink sweater looking at the camera
a white rabbit wearing a pink sweater and standing in the grass with flowers behind it
a painting of a pink bunny sitting in a field of tulips
a white rabbit is standing in the middle of a forest with flowers and butterflies around it
a cartoon sheep wearing glasses and a purple sweater is standing in front of some balls
a white rabbit wearing a knitted hat, scarf and mitten standing in front of a gray background
a cute little bunny holding a lantern and wearing a red hat with stars on it