My second favourite Welsh children's series

Ivor The Engine - Happy Childhood memories of Jones the Steam and Idris the Dragon

The clangers with the soup dragon ..I could understand what they were actually saying - how sad is that!

The clangers with the Soup Dragon - Dad hated this program and the noises they made

The Clangers

The Clangers - my absolute favourite tv programme when I was little - I still have the Clanger my Mum made for me for Christmas one year (made from a green sock - mine was clearly a superior Clanger!

The Clangers - Treasure

▶ The Clangers - Treasure - Oliver Postgate - 1964 - Marionnettes animées


Not sure if I liked Bagpuss or not. What a fussy kid I was.

Ivor the Engine - the Dragon (Picture Lions)

Ivor the Engine - the Dragon (Picture Lions)

Wales on TV: Ivor the Engine

Peter Firmin - not strictly speaking book illustration but wonderful none the less. Ivor the Engine of course.