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a painting of a woman holding her hands together with pink flowers around her face and eyes
Gratitude by Mona Biswarupa Mohanty
a painting of a woman's face surrounded by water lillies and lotuses
a painting with a woman holding a flower in her hand
Varsha Kharatmal | Paintings by Varsha Kharatmal
Art by Varsha Kharatmal | Artflute
a cartoon girl with flowers in her hair
I Re-Imagined Disney Princess Hairdos
As someone who's hair barely reaches their shoulders, I wanted to give some of my favorite Disney princesses cool Pinterest inspired hairstyles (you know, the ones that you wish you could wear yourself). I drew these using Paint tool SAI. Really hope you like them!
two women wearing sunglasses are depicted in this colorful art work, which appears to be painted on canvas
an elephant painted on wood hanging from a wooden frame with chains attached to the sides
a painting of a hindu god playing the flute
Krishna playing flute 6
the cover art for shanpathi nacko's album
The beauty of diversity by Fatemah Baig ⋆ L'Eclectique
a painting of a woman with white flowers in her hair and earrings on her head