Don't have time to make #smoothies in the morning? Well then this is perfect for you! These make-ahead smoothie packs will completely change your mornings for the better. Just pre-pack the ingredients and keep them in the freezer until you are ready to pop them in your blender. It takes 5 minutes tops, and no clean-up!

Your morning smoothie is about to get a whole lot quicker and easier. Simply grab a pack, mix and you're done with these 22 make ahead smoothie pack ideas (with recipes)! Source by vanessacecilia

Macaroni & Cauliflower Cheese.  Use florets instead of mashing the cauliflower into the sauce...

Macaroni And Cauliflower Cheese Recipe

Chorizo, butter bean and spinach stew

This healthy Chorizo, butter bean & spinach stew is simple to rustle up & takes just half an hour. Find more warming casserole recipes at Tesco Real Food.

Chicken & Chorizo Paella.   Use chicken thighs, fine green beans & arborio rice. Could also add white wine, paprika, parsley, tomato puree, honey?

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

No Butter Sponge Cake BBC Good Food.

Homemade Granola | Fruit Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

Homemade granola with berry compote

This homemade granola recipe with berry compote makes a really tasty dessert, while any leftover granola can be enjoyed as a nutritious breakfast.