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the entrance to an art nouveau building with intricate iron work on it's doors
Doors with a Chrysanthemum-design security bars
a white door with an intricate glass panel and decorative iron work on the side panels
Verona Home Design Interior Doors - Interior Doorlite
Elegant and Beautiful Mild Steel Jali done for a Home Renovation
the front door is decorated with wrought iron and glass
Decorative Wrought Iron Front Doors Inserts - Toronto - (416) 887-9391
FOLDING DOORS, Retractable flyscreen and bifold doors
an ornate wooden door with intricate carvings on it
Minbar of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad, Aleppo.
The late-13th / early-14th c. Mamluk minbar, or pulpit, of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad, the ninth Mamluk Sultan from Cairo and son of Qalawun. The minbar was located in the Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo, Haleb, prior to its damage and disappearance in May 2013.
the glass doors are open and ready to be used in this building's interior
an open glass door leading into a room with a pink chair in the corner and yellow chairs
a wooden door with wicker panels on the side and an iron handle at the top
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a decorative glass door in front of a building
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a wooden door with an intricate design on the front and side panel, which is made out of wood
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