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We hope & wish, you get some enriching thoughts in your daily life through our articles.

Karthik Kumar D K
  Tamarind, Coriander, Blog, Recipes, Style, Swag, Tamarindo, Blogging

#Food #Recipe #PachiPulusu #Tamarind https://bit.ly/3wqaEEs

Andhra Style Pachi Pulusu Recipe is a thin rasam made with freshly extracted tamarind water and mixed with sliced onions and freshly cut coriander lea

  Fungal Infection, Fungi, Health, Blog, Mushrooms, Health Care, Blogging, Salud

#Coronavirus #BlackFungus #Health #PeoplesBLOG https://bit.ly/3wme3Uq

Black fungus is an infection caused by a fungus named mucormycosis. This fungal infection is being reported in a few Corona-affected patients during o

  Cope Up, Thoughts, Blog, Life, Blogging, Ideas

#Life #Lifestyle #Effective https://bit.ly/3fYQWbT

Life tends to go on as we go on with our daily routine works. Whatever stage of life you are in now, one has things to do, atleast to take care of fam

  Anxious, Wish, Finance, Relationship, Thoughts, Happy, Blog, Ser Feliz, Blogging

#Lifestyle #Life #Uncertainty #Happy https://bit.ly/3wIsQJa

Uncertainty is everywhere. It might be a pandemic like Covid, Health, Finances, Relationships etc at most everywhere we see uncertainty. We human bein

  Smoking Facts, Smoking Kills, Smoking Causes Cancer, Breathe, Dental, Smoke, Thoughts, Healthy, Blog

#Dental #Dentist #Smoking #Breath https://bit.ly/3c1Npsb

We have heard many times that smoking causes cancer. Smoking kills! but how? Let's know about facts about smoking and it's harmful causes to our body.

  Coriander Leaves, Chutney, Mango, Spices, Blog, Recipes, Style, Manga, Swag

#Food #Mango #Recipe #Chutney https://bit.ly/2RknXaa

Raw mango chutney is a flavorful condiment made with raw mangos, coriander leaves, onions and some spices. Raw Mango Chutney is a must-try recipe when

  Benefit, Peach, Let It Be, Orange, Fruit, Blog, Blogging, Peaches

#Food #Fruit #Lockdown #Orange https://bit.ly/2Rdige8

Ever heard of that name, it’s a fruit which helps us to boost our immunity levels and lowers the risk of diseases. I

  Thoughts, People, Blog, Life, Blogging, People Illustration, Folk, Ideas

#Feedback #People #Life https://bit.ly/3sPtGBo

Is feedback really necessary? Do people really care about the given feedback? Do people really care to give feedback? It all depends on the situation

  Drupal, Thoughts, Blog, Life, Blogging, Ideas

#Drupal #Migrate #Audit https://bit.ly/2QkEjiB

Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8/9 is more of a re-build than a simple upgrade. We can move the content. users and other configuration with the hel

  Day Trips From Bangalore, 1st Night, Day Plan, Thoughts, How To Plan, People, Blog, Travel, Life

#Bangalore #Tirumala #Tirupathi #Travel https://bit.ly/32GxqKX

Two days Trip from Bangalore to Tirumala to Bangalore, If you are a couple riding on bike or you are a family driving in car, then this two days plan

  Technical Writer, Content, Thoughts, Writing, Blog, Blogging, Being A Writer, Ideas

#Writing #TechnicalWriting #ContentWriting https://bit.ly/32dwmhc

While we see at the first time, we might see Technical Writing and Content Writing career paths to be similar. But in reality these two are differnt i

  Youth, Indian, Thoughts, People, Blog, Life, Blogging, People Illustration, Young Adults

#ISRO #India #USA #Russia #Nambi #NambiNarayanan #Youth

Lets see the background, In 1992, India signed an agreement with Russia..

  Godfather Movie, The Shawshank Redemption, Good Movies, Freedom, Thoughts, Blog, Life, Liberty, Political Freedom

#Freedom #Hope #Life #Lifestyle #Movie #TheShawshankRedemption https://bit.ly/3t8J8cD

Shawshank Redemption is one of the best movies ever made. Even today its stands above The Godfather movie on the IMDb top rated 250 movies. A must wat

  Take Charge, Self Discipline, Negative Thoughts, Your Life, Confidence, Blog, Blogging, Self Confidence

#Confident #Life #Lifestyle #NegativeThoughts #SelfDiscipline https://bit.ly/3t5ODJl

Recently I had to attend a virtual session by Transformation Coach and a Psychologist. Where in the session, she was saying about how one can take cha

  Tooth Sensitivity, Dental, Teeth, Articles, Thoughts, Blog, Tooth, Blogging, Dentist Clinic

#ToothSensitivity #Tooth #Teeth #Dental https://bit.ly/39J2cqz

Are you afraid of eating any food which is hot or cold or sweet or sour? If yes, then u might be suffering from tooth sensitivity.

  Health Articles, Climate Change, Waves, India, Thoughts, Day, Blog, Life, Goa India

#HeatWaves #India #Warning #Health https://bit.ly/3u6wmeL

Global temperatures, frequency & intensity of heatwaves will rise in 21st century as a result of climate change. High air temperatures can affect human health & lead to additional deaths