Fold-out bluetooth keyboard for iPhone. Had a play with one yesterday.

Kiano 4 iPhone Keyboard

iNature Kiano 4 Keyboard Case for when you got big A-- fingers and tire of hitting 4 keys at once.

Life-sized brachiosaurus, yours for just £4195...

One day I will be able to afford these giant dinosaur statues. And I will fill my yard with them.

The Ribble Valley Food Trail.

Old-fashioned road map for when the Sat Nav fools you: check. A copy of the Ribble Valley Food Trail: check.

Crayola keyboard and mouse, for 'children'.

Kids Crayola Computer Keyboard and Mouse Childrens Large Keys

Behind the Beers and Brewers Leading the World's Craft Brewing Revolution.

Brewed awakening : behind the beers and brewers leading the worlds craft brewing revolution / Joshua M.

David Lynch Coffee - for those who fancy a change from Mr Scruff's tea

David Lynch musician and film director has famously launched his own brand of David Lynch coffee. Mr Scruff has his own tea.

The Boatel in New York's harbour

The Boatel in New York's harbour