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Candles in an old piece of decking

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Chopping board, etched and converted into a bottle opener

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Pyrography golfer Minion that Evie has made for Gam

Minion(ette) pyrograhy by Evie Jones #RainyDays

Evie's pyrograhy Minion #RainyDays

Scrap timber, scroll saw cut heart shapes and sprayed, not sure what Evie has planned for them next ❤️

Old jar, masking tape a heart shape, spray jar, peel off tape and add a candle

Mount for an old imperial Bakelite light switch to adapt it to a modern metric back box. I used an off cut of a worktop made of a composite resin. 1-drilled a hole in it with a hole-saw. 2-fix a temporary nut and bolt through the centre. 3-Fix a spindle bolt into a drill and hold sandpaper on the edge to get a smooth finish (remove spindle/bolt when smooth). 5-Mark up the fixing holes for the old imperial switch and the fixing holes for the metric wall box. 6-Fix the switch to the…