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a dining room table with two chairs and a plate on top of the table in front of it
Alto Dining Chairs - Ivory
The Alto Dining Chairs can transform your dining room -- designed for both aesthetics and comfort. Your perfect dining setup is just a step away.
a wooden table with four chairs and a vase on it's end next to a window
Serif Expandable Dinner Table
Expandable, durable with timeless mid-century style? Is there anything else you need?
a dining room table with four chairs and a potted plant on the table next to it
Serif Expandable Table
The Serif Expandable Table in Walnut gives class and functionality to any modern space. Not to mention it's clean and simple lines can fit into any aesthetic.
a dining room table and chairs with an open book on top of the table in front of it
Serif Expandable Dining Table
Our Expandable Dining Table will make you the host of the hour, especially for last minute dinner party guests! This extendable dining table has a simple, mid-century inspired design that's sure to be a hit.