#Budget2014 announces that the government is increasing the level of the tax-free personal allowance further, from £10,000 to £10,500 in April 2015

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#Budget2014 announces the government will introduce a new and highly secure £1 coin. The proposed new coin is bi-metallic with 12 sides, and adopts new Royal Mint technology to protect against counterfeiting.

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The government announced at Budget 2014 that from 1 July 2014, ISAs (Individual Savings Account) will be reformed into a new simpler product, the New ISA (NISA) with equal limits for cash, and stocks and shares. From 1 July the NISA limit will be £15,000 - the biggest ever increase to ISA limits.

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Budget 2014 announces a series of radical measures to help savers at every stage of their lives.

Infographic - #Budget2014 announces ways to help people save at every stage of their life

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