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India | Nose ring "nath" from southern Rajasthan | Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Basra Pearls, Diamonds, Glass. | ca. 18th-19th century

Nath (Nosering)

Earring Object Name: Earring Date: 12th century Geography: Iran, probably Gurgan Medium: goldwire with filigree and pale stone. Classification: Jewelry

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Earring

Roman Pair of Gold Hoop Earrings | 1st Century AD, 2nd Century AD | Price $18,000.00 | Roman | Gold | Jewelry

Christie's Large Image

This is a very rare example of Central ASian Kazak silver earrings. One of the finest workmenship from central Asia.


from Miriam's Middle Eastern Research Blog

Seljuk Jewelry

Seljuk Jewelry « Miriam's Middle Eastern Research Blog