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Yule Log

Yule Log: A traditional French bûche de Noël always looks just the right side of cutely enchanting, and there is nothing hard to like about its tender, melting chocolatiness. But I warm to it most of all for the rich pagan symbolism: it is no less than a cake-emulation of the log that the Norsemen would drag home through the streets to burn in celebration of the winter solstice and to honour the gods and hope, thus, to cajole from them a good year to come.

YULE LOG | Recipes | Nigella Lawson

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Chocolate roulade

BBC - Food - Recipes : Chocolate roulade

Mary Berry’s Christmas chocolate log This is an easy Yule log with a delicious filling and icing, perfect for the festive season. The apricot jam helps the icing stick to the cake... Serves: 10–12... Preparation: 15 minutes... Cooking: 20 minutes...

Christmas chocolate log recipe | Mary Berry Recipes

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