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Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school

This is a personal piece that Kate created while at high school. It expresses the inner critic; the eyes of judgment and ever self-conscious brain observing 'every tiny awkward thing I do wrong'. Despite concerns about not having been what she envisioned, this work has a raw honesty about it that resonates with viewers; executed with unfaltering perfection.


Mixed-Media Installations by Annette Messager. “Mainly known for her installation work, French artist Annette Messager often incorporates photographs, prints and drawing into a final sculptural project.”

A good idea for the beginning of the year to get to know your students. You can hang them up on your bulletin board to display student work and show who your students are.

Lip tar speaks louder than words. Try a dose of statement color from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics #Sephora #OCC #makeup #lips #mouthoff

Cowgirl Couture Fashion

inspiration for collaborative piece. could be drawings of eyes or mouths. frame could be drawn around the edge with black marker. pieces can be glued together as a collage or pinned separately to a wall.