Easy Side Dishes

Our side dish recipes feature creamy mashed potatoes, to roasted vegetable side dishes and more. Perfect for any dinner side, or just by themselves for a light lunch, you are sure to find an easy side dish recipe that is right for you.
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an image of a bowl of instant pot refried beans with cheese and green peppers
Easy Homemade Vegetarian Refried Beans
Enjoy the deliciousness of Easy Homemade Vegetarian Refried Beans, perfect for any Mexican-inspired meal. This recipe is simple and quick, ideal for busy weeknights. Use these flavorful beans as a filling for tacos and burritos, a topping for nachos, or a tasty dip. With a creamy texture and rich taste, this dish is sure to become a favorite. Embrace the convenience of making your own refried beans at home and elevate your meals with this versatile recipe.
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vegan garlic bread on a white plate with text overlay
Quick and Easy Vegan Garlic Bread
Savor the taste of Quick and Easy Vegan Garlic Bread, a perfect addition to any dinner. This recipe uses a homemade garlic spread to create a flavorful loaf from scratch. Simple to prepare and deliciously satisfying, it's a great choice for a quick and tasty side dish.
homemade naan recipe on a plate with text overlay
Quick Naan Recipe: No Yogurt
Try our Quick Naan Recipe with no yogurt needed. This simple and easy Indian bread is made with yeast, making it perfect for dinners. Great for serving with curry or as a base for flatbread pizza, this naan is a must-try for any meal.
four different side dishes with text overlay that reads 43 easy casserole side dishes
43 Delicious Sides to Serve with a Casserole
Looking for inspiration for what to serve with your favorite casserole? Check out this ultimate list of 43 delicious sides that will compliment any casserole, from crisp green beans or hearty mashed potatoes and Southern-style biscuits. There's something for everyone!
vegan cornbread two ways in a box with the text vegan cornbread two ways
Easy Vegan Jalapeño Cornbread Recipe
Try this Easy Vegan Jalapeño Cornbread Recipe for a spicy twist on a classic favorite. Perfectly moist and delicious, this oil-free cornbread is made with healthy ingredients and is simple to prepare. Ideal for a quick side dish or a snack, these muffins or bread slices are sure to impress with their flavorful kick.
the recipe for chipotle fajita veggies is shown here
Chipotle Fajita Veggies (Easy Copycat Recipe!)
These grilled Fajita Veggies are one of my favorite Chipotle Copycat Recipes. Delicious sautéed peppers and onions tossed with simple spices and cooked until lightly charred and fragrant. All you need is 3 ingredients and 15 minutes to prepare and it seriously tastes like the real thing! Enjoy as an easy side dish, or add them to your favorite burrito bowl for an at-home Chipotle meal!
the best oven roasted potatoes are served with parsley
Seriously the Best Ever Oven-Roasted Potatoes!
This is the best way to make oven roasted potatoes! Yukon gold potatoes diced into small chunks, tossed in oil and simple blend of spices, then baked until golden and crispy! They're crispy on the outside with delicious and creamy centers. Perfect for an easy side dish, breakfast, or base for potato nachos. These oven roasted gold potatoes are SO good, you may just eat them right out of the casserole dish!
the cover of 51 + vegan bbq recipes perfect for summer grilling
51 Vegan BBQ Recipes
Whether you need an amazing vegan dish to bring to a BBQ or you’re attending an all-vegan BBQ, this list of 50+ Vegan BBQ Recipes has what you need. Browse the list below and get new ideas for a fun and delicious summer cookout.
mashed potatoes in an instant pot with text overlay that reads fluffy instant pot mashed potatoes
Fluffy Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes
Creamy Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes are the perfect vegetarian side dish for weeknight dinners or holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter. Yukon gold potatoes are steamed in the Instant Pot, then mashed with a potato masher until rich and creamy. All you need is 5 simple ingredients!
how to microwave sweet potatoes with instructions for baking them in the oven and on the stove
How to Microwave Sweet Potatoes
Learning how to microwave a sweet potato is a great skill to have when short on time, low in energy, or simply need a fast, healthy side dish to complete your meal. These microwave sweet potatoes are as soft and buttery as oven baked sweet potatoes, yet ready in a fraction of time.
an air fryer hash browns recipe in a crock pot with text overlay
Perfectly Crispy Air Fryer Hash Browns
Nothing says a budget-friendly breakfast like making Hash Browns in the Air Fryer from Scratch! These homemade hash browns are the best, crispy, golden brown hash browns that require just a few simple steps and a couple of russet potatoes and a small amount of oil. Enjoy the best breakfast side dish without all the excess grease!
some vegetables and rice with the words 374 sides & mains that go well with dumplings
37+ Easy Sides and Mains that Go Well with Dumplings!
Making dinner and wondering what to serve with potstickers? We've rounded up 37 of the best easy side dishes and dinner mains that are the perfect pair for hot and savory dumplings. These recipes are vegetarian and vegan-friendly and suitable for all diets. Browse these family favorite recipes for your weekly meal plan and find the perfect recipe.
the cover of 51 sides and mains to serve with spachetti is shown
51+ Sides and Mains to Serve with Spaghetti!
What to serve with spaghetti — Here are 50+ fantastic meal prep ideas to serve with spaghetti, a staple meal in many households. In this article, you’ll find easy side dishes, healthy salads, delicious breadsticks and garlic bread, and more. Browse this popular list and find a few new ideas for your weekly mean plan today!
air fryer sweet potato wedges with ketchup and sauce on the side
Crispy Air Fryer Sweet Potato Wedges
If you love thick-cut fries, you will love these Extra Crispy Air Fryer Sweet Potato Wedges! You can make the best crispy and delicious sweet potato wedges in just minutes with your air fryer! It is a healthy and easy side dish or afternoon snack you can enjoy at any time of day. Simply chop into thick-cut wedge fries, season, and air fry for a guilt-free vegan and gluten-free recipe that's loaded with nutrition and flavor. #sweetpotatowedges #easysidedish #airfryerrecipes #easyairfryersweetpotatoes #healthyhomefries
brussel sprouts with the words air fryer brussels sprouts
Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts (Fresh or Frozen!)
These crispy air fryer Brussels sprouts are perfectly charred on the outside, yet soft and tender in the middle. They’re cooked in half the amount of time as the oven making them the perfect quick and healthy side dish. Options for cooking both fresh and frozen included!