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Shakti is the spirit of our primordial feminine energy within and its activity promotes the union of body, mind and spirit - Art: SEX-DEATH-REBIRTH Vajrayogini Goddess

BHAGAVAD GITA {16 , 20 } The divine, illusory energy (Maya) creates a multitude of pairs of oppo­sites, such as good and evil, loss and gain, pleasure and pain, hope and despair, compassion and apathy, generosity and greed, perseverance and laziness, courage and cowardice, love and hatred, merits and demerits, and divine and demonic qualities. They have no real existence whatsoever. Therefore, it is wise not to note any merit or demerit in people (BP 11.19.45, TR 7.41.00).

Matsya is the first incarnation of the avatar Vishnu. it is said that he took the form of a fish in order to save Manu from the apocalypse. He later takes his boat to the new world with one of each species of animal and plant life.