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K pop memes with a music twist
an image of a person with text on it that reads, friend why are you still single? me because of kim taehyung
Videos, Army Memes
Satan's Wife (kookv)
Yoongi as a TV reporter
💜BTS edit (Pawri ho rahi h ver.)💜 #editedbyme #BTS #OT7
two people are smiling and one is wearing a hoodie
Me and my sibling mocking each other
two young men standing next to each other in front of a lake with text reading me and my friend after reaching south korea we can feel strange in this air
اصلا هممون سر همین کاراشون آرمی شدیم مگه نه؟!!
a man with a beard sitting on top of a couch wearing a pink outfit and beads