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collage of melted crayon crafts with text overlay that reads 31 epic melted crayon crafts
31 EPIC 🖍Melted Crayon Art & Craft Ideas
the instructions for how to make an origami beauty and the beast flower vase
Belle's Hanging Vases
Create romantic home décor with hanging stained glass vases inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
a woman standing in front of a pile of wrapped presents on top of a table
How to: Make a Geo Mesh Wreath
How to: Make a Geo Mesh Wreath
many different types of sewing projects with the title 25 things to sew in under 10 minutes
Easy Sewing Projects-25 Things to Sew in Under 10 Minutes
25 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects that You Can Complete in About 10 Minutes
two pieces of art that are on the floor next to some scissors and other crafting supplies
DIY nautical canvas
a red seesaw sitting on top of green grass
DIY Kids Seesaw for under $30 -
DIY Kids Seesaw for under $30
a table with many pictures on it and someone holding a small object in their hand
Wall Picture Collage
Great idea!! I didn't line up my pictures the way she did... I'm not that good... and used a total of four poster boards. I was able to display my oodles of wedding pictures in a fun way that took up very little space in our narrow hallway. They are now in our dining room and I still love them. This was the first pinterest idea I tried and I really enjoyed it!
This is so cute...if only I knew how to sew!  It would be perfect with a monogram at the top! :) Baby Sewing, Couture, Onesies, Pretty Prudent, Petite Fille, Baby Dress, Childrens Clothes, Prudent Baby, Homemade Dress
Pretty Prudent
This is so cute...if only I knew how to sew! It would be perfect with a monogram at the top! :)
a sign with instructions on how to make a bra - franzingian headband
Home Page | Kara's Party Ideas
fun idea for baby shower
colorful paper owls sitting on top of a table
cute owl craft
toilet paper roll owls - so cute!
the letter j is made up of photos and newspaper paper on top of a table
Get a wooden letter paint it black use Modge Podge to glue the pictures then finish up with another layer of Modge Podge.
a pink bow with white polka dots on it
How To Make Boutique Hair Bow--1--Making 4 Loops Even : Hip Girl Boutique LLC, Free Hairbow Instructions, Ribbons, Hair Bows and Clips, Hairbow Hardware and More
How to make your own bows...TONS of different styles!
the instructions for how to make an old photo necklace with buttons and charms on it
DIY Photo Pendant for under $2.50!
Easy DIY Photo Pendant. Perfect for Mothers Day, Birthdays or Valentine's Day. Photo Necklace #photonecklace #photopendant
there are many glasses on the counter
Coaster Tray – Bee In Our Bonnet
Oh how I have needed this! A cup coaster....leave on the counter and everyone in the family has a coaster to use throughout the day......this will save me from washing 101 cups at the end of the day!