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the house is made out of wood and has a stone pathway leading to its entrance
Minton Hill House by Affleck + de la Riva Architects
Possible stable design
an interactive game for kids to learn how to play the ball and hit it with
Riding with Purpose
Challenge Your Horse
two horses standing in front of a wooden barn
Love this idea for a guest house or teen's apartment.
a white horse standing inside of a building
Mediterranean Stable in Southern California - STABLE STYLE
A horse inside the stunning barn
an animal's digest diagram with the name and description
Page Not Found | Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs
Equine Digestive Tract
an image of a horse with muscles labeled
Never Settle 360 - #LiveSmarter
Equine Muscles
an info poster with different types of food
What Does Your Horse’s Blood Test Mean?
What's In a Blood Test?
an animal's eye with labels on the iris
Horse Side Vet Guide - Quick Reference - Equine Eye Anatomy
an empty horse barn with wooden stalls
Indoor Arenas | King Construction
We can also construct an arena with a mix of materials, such as this fully-finished wood scissors truss arena with wooden walls and a white metal ceiling in Wrightstown, NJ. The white panels reflect the light for a bright, airy interior.
several poles in the middle of a grassy field with trees in the backgroud
DIY Riding Arena... Christmas tree stands, concrete, PVC Pipes, and rope. Arena is 200x75 and all for under $350! Great arena on a budget! Created by our barn manager Amy!