Gulmurg Restaurant

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Grilled crusty bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil join to do a marvellous culinary jig with basil, tangy fresh tomatoes and cheese.

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Let us salute those who fought for our freedom 69 years ago. Enliven the patriotic spirit of peace, pride and togetherness.....Bond with friends and family over a specially curated Independence Day Lunch & Dinner Menu at Gulmurg, located on level 1 at The Shalimar Hotel.

Succulent cubes of Cottage Cheese marinated with the right blend of spices and grilled to perfection.

Minced vegetables blended with spinach and roasted spices makes our popular Hara Bhara Kabab a firm all-time anytime favourite snack.

The Murg Makhanwalla has been the house speciality for over 5 decades at The Shalimar and an eternal favourite with most of our patrons...... Dine at Gulmurg to experience our signature preparation.

Nutritious & tasty, eggs make a perfect kickstart to healthy mornings. At Gulmurg, savour a variety of egg preparations.... ranging from Scrambled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Sunny Side Up, Masala Omlette, French Toast etcetra. Time to get crackin’!

Soft #ButterNaan #DalMakhani is a sure winner for a simple yet hearty mini meal.

Come experience the zaika of variety of delectable preparations cooked on a specially crafted cast iron skillet at Gulmurg’s food bonanza of “Tawey Da Tadka”.

Enjoy the goodness of Pasta at Gulmurg......Mangia Bene!

Looking for a quick savoury snack in the early evening hours? Head to Gulmurg and savour with zest, the popular mouth watering Ragda Pattice!

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