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The Serene Room Spa at The Shalimar Hotel was always a retreat and a peaceful sanctuary where we offered you manifold wellness therapies. Thanks to your enthusiastic support we have expanded our Spa environment to a larger space at level 4 of the Hotel and today it stands as a more artistically evolved newer Spa but still offering you that quintessence of unique comforting quality and fine service experience.

The Serene Room spa offers you a variety of wellness therapies ...melt away your tension knots & worry lines in the tranquil trappings of our peace zone.

Select from an eclectic mix of the pure vintage colonial essence, the oriental chic, the exotic avant garde edge or the uber urban glam, our Lifestyle Suites leave an indelible impression of varied vibrancy through the immaculately orchestrated design elements. Click here for reservations.

The statesman and patriot Thomas Jefferson, the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Independence, et cetera were once an integral part of the canvas of time in America. Period ambience detailing and vintage artwork take you back to that much forgotten era. The Boston Room is a tribute to the urbane, enlightened aristocracy and the dignified cosmopolitan verve that the town once held in the historical heritage of America.

The Shalimar Hotel’s logo epitomizes the essence of progression, optimism and faith. It mirrors 52 years of trustworthy hospitality. Visit us to experience it all.

Our Suite, The Malabar Room aims at giving the traveler a feel of a traditional Kerala homestay amidst the cityscape of Mumbai.

The Regent, our banqueting facility is an ideal venue for any occasion, be it corporate meetings or myriad personal functions. We strive to make each function successfully memorable for you with the presence of a meticulous and dedicated Banquet Team to assist you.

Oriental cultures believe that humanity stemmed from a humble bamboo stem. Bamboo can be a sacred barrier against evil for a monk, it can be a medium for a writing surface, a culinary ingredient with medicinal properties, a musical instrument and used even as construction material. Such a marvellous versatile product of economic and cultural significance inspired us to use it as a dominant motif for our Lifestyle Suite The Bamboo Grove alongside resplendent silks and contemplative Buddhas.

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Our accommodation rooms have impeccable contemporary design which harmonizes the neat use of elements, color therapy & simplicity.

The images of the bustling souk, the gilded metalwork lantern, the ruby red sheesha, the hand glazed geometric mosaic tile are legendary motifs of the African City of Marrakesh. These very elements find their way into the aesthetics of our Lifestyle Suite simply titled as Marrakesh.

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