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Oriental cultures believe that humanity stemmed from a humble bamboo stem. Bamboo can be a sacred barrier against evil for a monk, it can be a medium for a writing surface, a culinary ingredient with medicinal properties, a musical instrument and used even as construction material. Such a marvellous versatile product of economic and cultural significance inspired us to use it as a dominant motif for our Lifestyle Suite The Bamboo Grove alongside resplendent silks and contemplative Buddhas.


Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius! #winter #decemberIsHere

There is nothing like a walk by the beach. Let the waves be your stress-buster.

The exuberance of myriad cultures come alive with the aesthetic canvas of interiors of our Lifestyle Suites.

What would be your pick....Bottoms Up time at District Lounge or a leisurely great meal at Gulmurg?

Weekends are for leisure. Weekends are stress-buster. Weekends are for care-free evenings with lots of good food, good company and good wine. Visit The Shalimar Hotel and get a slice of charming weekend evenings at District Lounge or Yo!! The Deli. ‪#‎Weekend‬ ‪#‎TGIF‬

The Shalimar Hotel with its fabulous versatile location in South Mumbai's elite enclave makes it an ideal spot for those looking for a fashionable shopper’s paradise or proximity to hospitals for medical treatment or for honouring commitments at the nearby business district or purely a trip for leisurely entertainment.

The Shalimar Hotel draws inspiration from the legendary gem-stone by the same name. Like a diamond that exhibits a prismatic multi-faceted beauty, the Hotel has evolved through its journey of 54 years to achieve a radiance hallmarked with perseverance and a dedicated hospitality quotient.

Whilst on the go or meeting friends before the hectic day sets in or need some quality “me-time” to grab a good bite early? Head to TSH......savour the breakfast buffet at Gulmurg or a superb Cappucino with a freshly baked warm Quiche or crusty croissant at The Bakerie or a farm fresh sandwich made to your specifications at Yo!!The Deli....Brekkies at TSH will be simply perfect for you.

At The Shalimar Hotel, we believe in reflecting fine attributes that mirror the best of hospitality.