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No matter what i am doing i will always make sure that you are ok and well cared for! I will always protect you no matter what and i will make sure that your heart is never broken, I LOVE YOU BABY!

She was like the snow. And like the snow, I enjoyed watching her fall. Her dance to destruction was so beautiful.

and boy did I look ridiculous that day, when some idiot decided to tie my shoelaces together after I'd fallen asleep on the bus home from our eleventh grade field trip. Some people just never grow up, do they?

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"I love you Easton." Elloit asked her, brows furrowing, his blue eyes buring into the sea of green that was her eyes. "Well, I don't hate you." was her only response.

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It's sad because it's true. The fact of the matter is that no one cares and no one ever will care.