I'm afraid somebody else might take my place
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the zodiac sign for aquarius, with an image of a fountain in the center
The Shitty Horoscopes Anthology is now funding on Kickstarter
an image of a diagram of the human body with words below it that say, aquarius
the stars are in no one's favour
Cyberpunk, Human, Persona 5, Prince, Stardew Valley, Coding, Thing 1
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the words launch bizarre incohernt ramblings full tilt out of your mouth without approval from your conscious being
silhouettes & shadow sounds
silhouettes & shadow sounds
Dementia by Izak David photography #dark #soul #selfportrait
Dementia by Izak David photography #dark #soul #selfportrait
a computer screen with the words, these weren't originally my memories but i'm happy to take care of them
the doomsguard memories
an abstract painting of a woman holding an umbrella over her head with red and yellow colors
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black and white painting of a woman with long hair
József Attila összes költeménye
black and white drawing of a hand reaching out from the ground
Archillect on Twitter
a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Writing Tips, Motivation, Mental Health, Wise Words, Words Of Wisdom, Truth, Facts
23+ Funny Tumblr Posts That You Should Check Now
Izak David photography #dark #conceptual #selfportrait Pose Reference, Dark Fantasy, Darkness, Dark Photography
Izak David photography #dark #conceptual #selfportrait