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Things that Every GEEK should own

At least one from this things that every geek should own, it is all about geeky computer stuff
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Samsung Galaxy Note3, its a geeky t shirt


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His code runs on coffee


Coffee Mugs,Two Tones,Geek

He_Loves_Coffee Two-Tone Coffee Mug

A Bug,Coffee Mugs,Two Tones,Geek

Its not a bug, its a feature Two-Tone coffee mug

Rodeo Cowboy Bull Riding Horseshoe Cartoon Tees. Illustration of rodeo cowboy riding bucking bull with horseshoe in the background done in cartoon style. #Illustration #RodeoCowboyBullRiding

Code Compile Debug Tee Shirts

Engineers,Geek,I Am,T Shirts

I am an Engineer T Shirt

Coffee Addict,Coffee Mugs,Two Tones,Geek

Coffee_Addict Two-Tone Coffee Mug

Coffee Mugs,Clouds,Two Tones,Geek

I_Code_On_Cloud Two-Tone Coffee Mug

Halloween Samhain Black Cat Orange Moon Tshirts $34.95, but there always seems to be a sale on @Zazzle

Geek Shirts

Work T Shirts,Geek,Jersey, T-Shirt, Tee Shirt

Caution:Geek_On_Work T-shirt