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Leather / Fabric Wrapped Cast Iron Baths

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At Hurlingham we offer a unique option to wrap our cast iron baths in genuine leather or your choice of fabric. Carefully treated with high grade water repellents, go on make a splash!

The Cairngorms; Evocative, Wild, Beautiful... The Eastern Highlands of Scotland conjures up the most delightful and stunning imagery, that's why one of our clients has elected to wrap their classically shaped Galleon cast iron bath in special fabric that bears the name of this majestic landscape. At Hurlingham we believe your bath is your sanctuary, and we help take you on a journey to wherever your heart and soul desires.

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Our stunning Galleon cast iron bath wrapped in Conway leather and finished off with a polished plinth - great for a gothic revival #home #castiron #bath #galleon

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Our #CastIron Schooner bath clad in Amethyst fabric. While fabric cladding on a #bath is not usually done - all of our wrapped baths are treated so no water damage can come to the exterior of the bath! #Bathroom #BathroomInterior #CastIronBaths

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Splitting opinion since 2014… The iconic Zebra print leather clad Galleon serves to highlight just what is possible with Hurlingham. You want it? We can probably do it! See our website for more possibilities and get inspired!

Our beautiful Galleon #CastIron #bath clad in Andrew Martin vita multicoloured fabric - beautiful and different - great for an eccentrically #decorated #home