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Beat this summer heat with some fun summer cooler recipes on the go...

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Amla is the most important fruit for our Health.It is a best medicinal herb widely using in Ayurveda. Amla is called as Indian gooseberry in English. The Scientific name of amla Phyllanthus Embli Smoothies Detox, Detox Drinks, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Juices, Healthy Smoothies, Weight Loss Drinks, Weight Loss Smoothies, Natural Treatments, Natural Remedies

Amal juice everyday- Build immunity. Increase metabolism. Lose weight. Absorb nutrients like iron better. Eliminate toxins. Improve digestion. Better bowel movements (fibre helps)

Are whole milk and full-fat dairy actually healthier than low-fat dairy and skim milk? A nutritionist weighs in on the skim milk vs. whole milk debate. Healthy Milk, Healthy Eating, Healthy Drinks, Full Fat Milk, No Dairy Recipes, Veggie Recipes, Foods To Eat, Baking Soda, Benefit

As kids, most people heard phrases along the lines of "drink your milk so you'll grow big and strong!" While many people simply rolled their eyes and finished their milk so they could get to the good part (dessert!), the truth is that milk does provide valuable nutrients that kids need during their development

Forget All About Chewing Gum And Hard Peppermint Candy – This Beverage Destroys Bad Breath ! Cinnamon Drink, Danette May, Lemon Diet, Peppermint Candy, Chewing Gum, Lemon Water, Detox Drinks, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies

A Smart ‪#‎iPink‬ tip, Begin your day with a Natural Metabolism Booster. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder & lime to your hot cup of green or herbal tea to lose weight quickly & naturally ‪#‎healthatchai‬

Spiced Buttermilk is a detoxification and appetizing drink to be had with meals. It should not be had in the early morning or late afternoon onwards. Best had with lunch. Traditionally buttermilk is Homemade Dry Shampoo, Bad Carbohydrates, Buttermilk Recipes, Curd Recipe, Fat Burning Foods, Lassi, Summer Drinks, Healthy Drinks, Glass Of Milk

Improves digestion and is a nutritional cleanse and lots more ‪#‎healthy‬ ....Chaas or buttermilk - diluted yogurt drink flavored with salt and/or black salt, roasted cumin and fresh coriander

This Drink Pink Mocktail is perfectly pink and oh, so tasty! Remember to take the steps to detect breast cancer in its early stages and to encourage your loved Drink Pink, Pink Drinks, Soft Drink, Milk Shakes, Punch Rose, Pink Punch Recipes, Party Punch Recipes, Breast Cancer Party, Cancer Free Party

There is nothing quite like fresh squeezed juice to get your motor running in an alkalizing and detoxifying way. Our Pink Detox juice… Berries and sliced fruit, Fresh 1 Sprigs Mint or basil, fresh 1 6-ounce (170 grams) package Raspberries, red 1 Ruby red grapefruit, large

For a cooling citrusy twist add cucumber mint and a lemon into a orange detox water. Ab Routine, Cucumber, Detox, Healthy Living, Good Food, Fit Club, Blog, Abs, Health Fitness

For a cooling citrusy twist add cucumber mint and a lemon into a orange detox water.

Today, there are so many type of milk whether those come from animal or those from plants. In Skim milk vs Soy milk article today, Milk Plant, Plant Based Milk, Soy Protein, Protein Pack, No Dairy Recipes, Milk Recipes, Soy Milk Benefits, Health Benefits, Homemade Soy Milk

Soy milk contains a number of compounds that are particularly important to #menshealth. Its high content of isoflavones, protein, vitamins and minerals and minimal amount of saturated #fats may help soy milk prevent and treat some of the leading #health conditions for men. Stay connected- we will b coming up with a new blog this week on Soy Milk. #iPink

When it comes to our diet, smoothies aren't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when we think about eating healthy. But I'm not talking about chocolate or vanilla smoothies. Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes, Fruit Smoothie Recipes, Good Smoothies, Smoothie Ingredients, Breakfast Smoothies, Banana Smoothies, Blackberry Smoothie, Cherry Smoothie, Avocado Smoothie

#‎Supermodel‬ Recipe: Berry smoothie: blend 1 cupful red/purple berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries plus pitted cherries), half a banana and 200ml cranberry juice. Plus 1 oatcake and 1 tbsp cottage cheese. Stay ‪#‎iPink‬

Watermelon To Prevent Cancer! Well, most of us may already know that watermelon is a delicious fruit that can also be healthy for people. Watermelon Health Benefits, Watermelon Diet, Sweet Watermelon, Detox Kur, Juicing For Health, Nutrition, Water Recipes, Calories, Cookies Et Biscuits

The 92% water rich ultimate fruit is here. Eat,drink & enjoy the watermelon this season. Eat for the body you want, not the body you have. Be #Fit, Be #Healthy!

Drink up the ‪ cucumber and when life gives you lemons put them in your ice tea to bring the ‪ Stay ‪ Mint Iced Tea, Fresh Mint Leaves, Pickles, Cucumber, Good Food, Happiness, Drinks, Health, Recipes

Drink up the ‪#‎refreshing‬ cucumber and when life gives you lemons put them in your ice tea to bring the ‪#‎happiness‬. Stay ‪#‎iPink‬

Detox‬, Eat, drink & be healthy. Detox‬, Eat, drink & be healthy. ‪ ‪ with the waters. Lemon And Ginger Detox, Healthy Tips, Healthy Recipes, Destress, Grapefruit, Aloe, Cucumber, Smoothies, Blueberry

Detox‬, Eat, drink & be healthy. ‪#‎Destress‬ ‪#‎deflate‬ with the waters.

Stay hydrated this summer with proper drinks to fit your body and skin beautifully Cucumber Water, Anti Aging Supplements, Skin Firming, Look In The Mirror, Human Body, Collagen, Face, Stay Hydrated, Detox

Stay hydrated this summer with proper drinks to fit your body and skin beautifully

The health benefits of drinking lemon water, and drinking warm lemon water. These little superfruits can really change your life, just by drinking a glass of lemon water once or more a day! Drinking Warm Lemon Water, Lemon Water In The Morning, Lemon Water Before Bed, Lemon Water Benefits, Lemon Health Benefits, Garlic Benefits, Health And Wellness, Health Tips, Health Fitness

“I drink less water because I have water retention” A cactus in the desert without any rainfall will swell up to hold water but a tropical leaf won’t. By not drinking water when you have a water retention problem, you are forcing your body to behave like a cactus- the body starts to conserve water. Drink water to throw the water out, consume natural diuretics and correct the cause.

All natural grape juice - Juice Cleanse and Detox Yummy Drinks, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Recipes, Fast Recipes, Delicious Recipes, Juice Smoothie, Smoothie Drinks, Smoothie Recipes

Cocktail ----------------------- Ingredients Black grapes – 6 to 8 Orange – 1 Sweet lime – 1 Slice of pineapple – 1 Apple – 1 Little chaat masala ----------------------- Method Put all the ingredients into a juicer and add chaat masala while serving it.

Refreshing Celery Cucumber and Lime Smoothie paleo Drinks click now for more. Paleo Smoothie Recipes, Healthy Fruit Smoothies, Smoothies With Almond Milk, Breakfast Smoothies, Healthy Drinks, Antidepresivo Natural, Quick Paleo Meals, Celery Juice, Lime Juice

Summer Cooler -------------------- Ingredients Citrus fruit – 1 Cabbage – 200 gms Lime juice – 1tsp Salt to taste Pepper to taste --------------------- Method Put all the ingredients into a juicer and add salt, pepper and lime juice before drinking.