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The Lost Cap( Non- Living)

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Once a pen lost his cap. He asked Mr.Flier for help. Mr. Flier," Hey, I haven't seen your cap. If I would have seen it. I would have crashed it so far". At this both pen and Mr.Flier smiled. Now pen went to scissor and asked. Scissor said," Hey, what will I do with your cap. I am not that bad who will find yor cap and still have not cut into pieces." Scissor teased the pen by saying that. Hearing all that pen was filled with terror. He was continuously praying," save my cap God, plz , plz." Now pen went to compass. Compass said," Oh, yeah I know where the cap is. I was playing with him and I unknowingly pinned him. He is with box and getting treatement. Disappointed pen went to box. Box,"He is with me and he is safe now. Bro, you should always take care of your important things, and never allow oneself to make friendship with such people which may harm you.