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Ian Mausner - Relationship Builder Extraordinaire

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Ian Mausner has written a book on strategies that can lead to more successful relationships. His advice can be used by people who are already in relationships that are feeling some strain on one level or another. The techniques that he shares are also useful for people who are actively seeking relationships. Honest communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship, and this can be aided by a good bit of empathy for the other person's point of view.

Ian Mausner studied at Stanford for his Masters of Business Administration after working at the Bankers Trust.For More Information, Visit Here -

#IanMausner lives a #lifestyle that includes culturally enriching activities. He likes to #travel, he is an #art lover, and he enjoys fine dining.

#IanMausner enjoys art, and he loves helping children. It is no surprise that he sits on the board of the San Diego New Children's Museum.

Ian Mausner has done a lot for charities that support children. He has served on the board of Promises2Kids, and he was on the Voices For Children advisory board.

#IanMausner worked for some major firms in the #financial #management industry before he started J.S. Oliver Capital Management in 2004.

Ian Mausner is very active, inquisitive, and energetic, and these qualities have served him well during his long career in the business world.

Ian Mausner is an individual who places a great deal of value on physical activity. He likes to hike in the great outdoors, and he also enjoys basketball.

Ian Mausner founded True Love Publishing and Relationship Consulting, LLC in an effort to help people succeed in their relationships.

Ian Mausner went to school in New York through his high school years. After that, he went to Amherst College in Massachusetts for undergraduate work.