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#whisper #onepiece
the persona urge to tell people how to shut up
No one on here ofc
#whisper #onepiece
an animated image of a man with green hair and white shirt holding two swords in his hands
Friends, Funny Anime Pics, Meme
a bathroom floor that has been cleaned and is next to the same tile on the ground
some people are sitting on a boat and one person is pointing at something
I love them all sm
an anime character with the caption me if i ever met luffy irl
The lil du gong animal was so real in this scene
an anime character with the words i can't wait to make it to egghead island arc he is so cute
He’s so precious
Oda cooked with this outfit #onepiece #luffy
someone is writing on the back of a blue ball that says, me when i come up with the most fire editt idea but i have no editing skills
i suck at editing 😭
a girl with blue hair wearing a white hat and holding a wine glass in her hand
#whisper #onepiece
a cartoon balloon with the words besides being gay, i'm also afraid of people
Gay and Afraid
The hottest part of a man is his social anxiety/j