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Imogen Loach-Martin
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My name is Carly I am a 28 yr old human I post my art and things that inspire me tags: my art me & the things I collect animal crossing my wishlist elsewhere: Somnium game project illustration portfolio background drawing by me contact: toothdelicious


Diamond Rainfall on Saturn and Jupiter ~ New atmospheric data for the gas giants indicates that carbon is abundant in its dazzling crystal form. Lightning storms turn methane into soot (carbon)

Interstellar wisps (NGC 6979) Credit: Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope / Coelum

The glowing wisps of nebula NGC 6979 resulted from a supernova, the explosion of a massive star, over 5000 years ago. The nebula makes up part of the Cygnus Loop, along with Pickering's Triangular Wisp and the well-known Veil Nebula.

Glow stick water lanterns

diy home sweet home: Tips, Tips, and More Tips pour water in to a mason jar and add a glow stick, place jars around pools, patios or sidewalks during your next late night get together --- next years halloween party!