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9 SEO Quirks You Should Be Aware Of

Great article on the Dos and Don'ts of SEO. Good to know even if you have a dedicated SEO or SEO copywriting team.

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The biggest complaint we get from clients? "My boss doesn't want to pay for high quality content." Good read for changing his/her mind...SEO copywriting is here to stay. How To Sell SEO To Your CMO

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We know that SEO can seem overwhelming...that's why you probably hired someone great to oversee your efforts. But, like anything in your business, it's important to understand as much as you can. Read here for some pointers on where you can turn to gain an overall better understanding about the world of SEO and SEO copywriting.

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You know you need to change (or come up with) your content strategy, but convincing your boss? Step 5 is particularly interesting!

Wonder about the Panda & Penguin updates? We hear that a lot from our clients. Here's a good, quick read on the latest. Check out the comments on this one and take a look at how many of them mention great content. We've said it before....high quality SEO copywriting is our want great copy?

We know SEO copywriting isn't the only way to get your a small biz owner with a web presence, it's YOUR responsibility to ensure the SEO team you have in place is practicing ethical, white hat SEO. Don't think it's worth it to get involved? You may as well flush the money you're spending on your SEO efforts down the toilet. Google will catch on & penalize your site in no time.

Just start a blog for your site or company? If you're new to the whole blogging deal, SEO copywriting may be just one of your new stresses. iCopywriter has you covered on that end, but here's a great (translation: easy to understand) article on how to get your blog noticed.

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Will search engine optimization (SEO) ever meet its demise and finally cease causing headaches for online writers, web designers and publishers?