1950s fashion photography

Step back in time with stunning 1950s fashion photography. Discover iconic images that capture the elegance and style of this glamorous era. Get inspired to create your own vintage-inspired looks.
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Little is know about Nina Leen, the Russian born photographer that emigrated to the United States, and whose photos graced over 50 Life magazine covers. What is known is that she studied painting in Berlin, and that she also lived in Italy and Switzerland--but when she died in 1995, there wasn't even anybody who knew her exact age.

Oona Hutchman

A woman's shape has been considered a thing of beauty in all cultures in all ages. While the proportions and sizes that are "fashionable" have varied, a woman's curves have always been appealing (whether deemed by "high fashion" to be so or not). One of the easiest ways to present yourself at your best is to dress in a way that emphasizes these curves, namely, your waist! This isn't just a "tiny girl" or "high fashion waif" thing; curves come in all sizes, so the following principles can…

Stunning Photos of Classy Women from The 1940s and 1950s Nina Leen

Women from the 1940s and 1950s were remarkably elegant and sophisticated, but when you watch them on black and white photographs the amount of class is overwhelming. Legendary and mysterious photographer, Nina Leen, captures some of the most memorable and stunning photos of young ladies over 50 years ago. More than half of century has