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So, what the heck is contemporary art? It's the art that's being created right now, in our current time. And let me tell you, it's a wild ride. Contemporary art is like that eccentric cousin you have who always shows up to family gatherings wearing something completely unexpected. You never know what you're going t

Inger Øiaas
20 Complete Abstract Paintings Of Women - Bored Art Painting & Drawing, Inspiration, Art, Framed Canvas Prints, Framed Canvas, Fine Art Prints, Art Prints, Artist, Artwork

Women are such complex subjects when it comes to painting them no matter what medium you use whether it is watercolors or oils or acrylic paints. It somehow seems to make sense to paint them in the abstract because this way a lot of what we paint can be left to the imagination. The thing about abstracts is that sometimes the concept can be taken to the extreme and one may not even be sure what they are trying to represent but if in this case you are trying to paint a woman even in an…

H Mehrnaz
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We often come across people who go crazy over any abstract work of art, they seem to have a special vision that makes them see beyond what is depicted on the canvas, and there are others, who feel it is not anything special. That is why when there is talk of abstract expressionism; the reaction could be divided into utter excitement and absolute confusion. In this article we will be looking at beautiful examples of abstract expressionism to give you an idea what it is all about. To put it…

Madhu Rustagi