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Discover inspiring adoption quotes that celebrate the love and joy of building a family through adoption. Find the perfect words to express the beauty of this special journey.
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I hope...

Jake and I have many times talked about how others may view our multi-colored family. Of course, in my husband's words, Liberty resembles him, and I must have had an affair which is how Bella was born! This makes me laugh to think about. As the girls and I get out and about (which is not often, those of you with toddlers understand that everything runs on THEIR schedule) we are often stopped and the girls are showered with compliments from strangers. Liberty has started to blush when they do…

Emily K.
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The Dark Reality of Being Adopted and Searching for Birth Family - A Better Today Media

This is what it’s like to be “rootless” in your own family. Now some people will sit there and call this being adopted. I like to sit here and call it being lost. Some people who are adopted have this magical ability to not want to know their heritage. They never have any questions about where they […]

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