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ArtStation - Hellraiser Concept Art: Chatterer Horror, Art, Horror Films, Concept Art, Underworld, Ominous, Peter Mohrbacher, Concept, Thriller Film

I did a few rounds of concept art for Hellraiser(2022) with David Bruckner. If I had to pick an IP to take a swing at, this would have been in the top 3. Big thanks to David for bringing me on to this project and letting me play with his toys. I explored some classic cenobites along with some new ones. Lots of ground to cover when you explore the rim of sensation. My favorite part of this new movie was definitely Chatterer. When they aren't tearing the flesh of their terrified victims, I…

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Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ridley Scott Alien 1979 Horror, Geeks, Alien Vs Predator, Predator Alien, Alien Covenant, Alien Vs, Alien Creatures, Giger Alien, Alien Concept

Alien, 1979/ 1 hr 57 min. The crew of the commercial vessel, Nostromo, is awakened from cryo-sleep prematurely, having only made it half way back to Earth, to the surprise of the crew. The ship, Mother (voice of Helen Horton), has awakened them to investigate a distress signal transmission from an unknown alien ship. And the crew is duty bound to investigate. Arriving at a defunct, seemingly empty ship, they find remains of alien life that died a long time ago. With the exception of a…

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AvP Movie Concept Art - AvPGalaxy Art, Archaeology, Boho, Concept Art, Ea, Ancient Aliens, Aliens And Ufos, Concept, Alien Vs Predator

This section features lots of concept art images from 2004's Alien vs Predator. Unused Concept Art The following concept art pieces were done by Constantine Sekeris in 2001 for Steve Johnson's Edge FX company. They tried to bid to do the special effects on the film but the job ultimately went to A.D.I. Official Concept

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