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Words are there for you when you need them the most, especially when it comes to telling someone how you REALLY feel. These 15 crush quotes for him are perfect for when it's time to tell your crush that you love (or at least really, REALLY like) them.

Alyssa Schopp
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"A monster, an ice cold heart, an abomination...." He stared right into my soul as my eyes filled with unshed tears. "You are all this Medusa.." he whispered in my ear, his lips tracing it's outline. "....and so am I." my eyes snapped to his in surprise. "But then you are so much more babygirl." _________ "He was the light to my darkness, the calm to my evil. He was my god and I was his...since the moment his aurum eyes clashed with my lilacs... I belonged to him." -Commander general of…

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