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Dive into the captivating world of American literature and discover the works of renowned authors. From classic novels to thought-provoking poetry, explore the depths of American literary heritage.
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Are you shilly-shallying to studying English literature? Constantly fluctuating between your fondness for literature and the thought of how would it help you in the future? How could it pave the way for your successful career? Stop bothering anymore! This article will give you the answer to all questions regarding: Why should I study English literature? Read more

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Spark Notes has boiled down the history of literary movements to a collection of one line quips. The problem with literature is that there’s so much of it. Books go back a long time (like at least ten or fifteen years, I’m thinking), and if you’re a student taking an English class, you’re supposed to be familiar with…

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In this post, you'll discover new titles to help bring more voices and more stories into your booklist in the spheres of American Literature, World Literature, British Literature, and Independent Reading. Diversify your classroom library with these great titles.

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