Amigurumi angel pattern

Create your own heavenly amigurumi angels with these adorable patterns. Find inspiration and step-by-step instructions to bring a touch of magic to your crochet projects.
When we first saw this angel, we were speechless. Isn't she heavenly??? Be sure to take the time to work this up before Christmas. Crochet Angel Pattern, Angel Pattern, Repeat Crafter Me, Confection Au Crochet, Crochet Angels, Crochet Angel, Crochet Xmas, Crochet Simple, Crochet Christmas Decorations

This darling and Divine Crochet Angel shares her calming Christmas spirit with all who behold her. Pretty braided locks cascade down her back and set her apart from other crochet angel patterns. Whether perched on your dining table as the centerpiece, nestled in the ring of an advent wreath or snuggled by a grateful child, this amigurumi angel is sure to add an elegant touch to your holiday decor. Hook this little haloed beauty, and let her bring peace and joy to your heart this holiday…