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Must see: The real East India company coins See also: Hanuman one paisa of Ratlam state These East India Company coins are known to be fakes. Whatever is written about the mintage or origin of the coins is just make believe stories to make things interesting. The one anna coin shown here has the same design, material and size with different dates written on it. Apart from the coins shown, I recently came across similar coins with date of 1616 and also 1939 written on it! Apparently the faker…

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The Frozen series: India gained Independence from the British rule on 15th August 1947 . As a stop-gap measure, the British period currency and coinage arrangements were continued for a three-year period till 15th August 1950. The early period Indian issues were termed as “the frozen series” (1947-1950). The British period currency/coinage had consisted of one rupee having 16 annas, with 1 anna having 4 pice and each pice having 3 pies each. Thus each rupee had (16 annas x4 pice x 3 pies…

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